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My name is Sophie Weston Chien and I am a spatial maker, strategic thinker and community activator. I am interested in creating equitable spaces embedded in policy and infrastructure for global practice in local communities.

I am currently a rising 4th year studying Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, with concentrations in Nature, Culture, and Sustainability Studies and Politics and Policy, often supplemented with classes at Brown University. I have experience working in federal and municipal government, nonprofits focused on STEAM education and immigration advocacy, and institutional engagement with design firms and community partners. Originally from North Carolina, I have found a new home for myself in the beautiful foliage of New England.

Everything and everyone is connected, and I love spending my life figuring out how and why that matters, and for whom.

My dream job? Planning a socially and environmentally responsible crossover between the Olympics and the World’s Fair in a modern American City.


Super excited to be interning at Oualalou + Choi this summer in Paris!

connect with me: schien [at]