BRIEF: Today, Agra is famous for Taj, the white-marble tribute of Shah Jahan to his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal. The other places worth visiting here speaking volumes about the splendor of these days are Itmad-ud-Daulah's tomb enshrining graves of Noor Jahan’s parents and Moti Masjid. However, if we take the monuments away, the city has lost it all. And here the brief finds its place.

We are looking for radical ideas that satisfy these criteria with one unified outcome. Design decisions that are brave, yet informed.

 Submitted as a team with Nicola Ho and Amanda Ugorji



Synecdoche is a moment expanded to a collective. It represents a foil to the Taj Mahal, by destabilizing its monumental form into spatial sections. These individual moments memorialize the humanity in the construction and maintenance of the entire grounds.


In this project I learned how to create intimate, local spaces on a public scale by embracing vernacular culture

10.27 BLACK TAJ plan-02.jpg

A grid is imposed on the entire site, creating a series of framed conditions interrupted by water, landscaping and program.


As one travels throughout the monument, they traverse through the diverse block types, bring then up, over and down the site, meandering towards the outlook of the Taj Mahal, if they so choose.


Each moment provides an opportunity for founding- a specificity in the entire field. Four programs, one in each quadrant represent Synecdoche, a space for orienting, gathering, playing and reflecting. Our space is for both the casual tourist and embedded local, each finding agency in a frame of time and space.


Final A1 spreads submitted.