Spatial notions / Patterns of knowing

During my independent study as a student in RISD’s European Honors Program in Rome, I focused on being in situ with the city and its resources. As a culmination of all the site visits, lectures, and spaces I visited I began to record and process everything through a series of collections. As one of two architecture students in a cohort of artists, I learned to express architectural arguments in more explicitly visual and diagrammatic ways. 


Spatial Notions

As I reflect on the series it suggests a tension between the abstract and the immediate- often comparing physiotemporal moments while conscious of the embedded social constructions that create them.

Independent Research

Interdisciplinary Critique

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presented as a physical book


Patterns of Knowing


I have always been interested in scalar geometries and organizations, and how much of our world can be explored by pattern or diagram. Examples of this can be seen by natural and constructed organizations, from lichen growth to city maps. Throughout this semester I have been traveling through many landscapes and urban environments and I find myself comparing the micro/macro relationships. These patterns relate to research of Ekistics and functions of procession and prescriptive sight over the semester. I find myself even more convinced of the power of design to reveal organizational patterns as a way of knowing, and here I present some projected theories of those conditions.

presented as a physical book