In this project I explored the importance of how stories are held and shared, by rethinking the role of a library in Providence





Architectural Design

Critic: Emanuel Admassu

The guise of our project was to design a modern library for Providence, which I took as an opportunity to redefine a library- a paradigm shift from a collection of colonised white histories to a space for new recordings and advocacy for Providence residents.


The site is currently a parking lot, but sits on four different configurations of buildings, tracing Providence’s past. The library is an extrusion of all of the foundation layers, and then rotated and recut on itself, which creates a building with the same plan and section- for radical approachability.



Construction documents

Institutional design

Programmatic design

Model making

lib 4_Page_02.png

The density of the conversations is understood by the density of the exterior grids on the building facade.

arch d lib port samp-01.png

Visitors begin with individual recording booths, sharing their own stories through audio and visual recordings, studios and documentation stations. Moving upwards, there are various social spaces, all hosted by local cultural groups, sharing conversations and relationship building. At the top are more intensive research offices and exhibition spaces for nonprofits that advocate for Providence residents. All housed in the same building, the library serves as a coalition between partners and a place for Providence to engage in real issues.