Olneyville Commons

Through exploring housing of specific population needs in Providence, a new community typology is created to complement the storied and dynamic Olneyville neighborhood.


Urban Ecologies

Fall 2017

Core Studio III

Critic: Peter Tagiuri

site plan

My project is on the junction of greater Providence and the close-knit, vibrant neighborhood of Olneyville. Building for Providence’s two fastest expanding populations, elderly people and graduate students of nearby universities, I’ve imagined a village of co-living spaces. Elderly people have increasing mobility and physical challenges, and college students are extremely active and eager to transition from a traditional housing structure.

Centered at the intersection of the streets, is a dual purpose community center and day care. The generous free time of the elderly people and high energy of the college students is combined to supports childcare for working families of Olneyville, coupling the new village with the existing neighborhood. Pedestrian and bike paths align the entire new village community, strengthening the urban fabric with more dense zoning, regenerating the prosperity and legacy of Olneyville Square.


temporal map understanding the capacity of the village to support childcare for working Olneyville families


swimming pool view


Each unit is divided into generous flexible communal areas and smaller private rest spaces, providing a framework for residents to adjust and customize. Prefabricated in parts and constructed on site, the units allow for energy optimization with passive roof shading.

The units configuration is adjusted to the surrounding streets creating pockets of gathering squares and reflecting regeneration ponds, emphasizing that community space is the catalyst for all urban life.


Environmental Design


Unit Aggregation

Urban Fabric


Early study model of urban living machine, perforations indicate porosity of surfaces throughout site. The collected water is drained into regeneration ponds then utilized for the reopened public swimming pool.

neighborhood typology study


elevation renderings

courtyard view of regeneration pond between two units


1/8th scale unit model


longitudinal construction section

view of market square from street


construction section


community plaza