Bering Land Bridge Media


Internship with the National Park Service at Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Nome, Alaska

I learned how people live remotely and through them, the importance of being connected to our natural world.


Final Cut Pro



Creative suite


Each project served as a unique learning opportunity to explore environmental and cultural education through film, animation, photography and graphic design. 



National Park Service
Sophie Chien, Student Conservation Association



National Park Service
Animation: Sophie Chien, Student Conservation Association
Content + Voice: Brian Bardy, Seasonal Ranger



Midnight Blitz is one part adventure tale and one part documentary, and all parts bioblitz celebration. Midnight Blitz chronicles the journey of 24 participants, scientists and leaders through the discovery of all Bering Land Bridge National Preserve has to offer. Trodding through beaver wetlands, catching bugs and collecting caripoo is just a typical day for our participants.

Bering Land Bridge: Midnight Blitz

Produced by: Sophie Chien, Student Conservation Association, Lupe Zaragoza, Visual Information Specialist


snapshots of my life in the alaskan wilderness, which was only accessible by boat or plane