My name is Sophie Weston Chien and I am a spatial maker, strategic thinker and community activator. I am interested in creating equitable spaces embedded in policy and infrastructure for global practice in local communities.

I am currently a 4th year studying Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, with concentrations in Nature, Culture, and Sustainability Studies and Politics and Policy, often supplemented with classes at Brown University. I have experience working in federal and municipal government, nonprofits, and institutional engagement with design firms and community partners. I have interned with op.AL in Rome, Oualalou + Choi in Paris, and LA Mås in Los Angeles .

Everything and everyone is connected, and I love spending my life figuring out how and why that matters, and for whom.

connect with me: schien [at] risd.edu


spending the 2018/19 academic year as RISD's Student Body President